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 /whoareyou command in ACE is now /imaspybanme

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PostSubject: /whoareyou command in ACE is now /imaspybanme   Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:15 pm

Rather than just disabling the command, the Subagames GMs renamed it to /imaspybanme. They did this right after 3.2 patch as far as I know. Currently, they are just banning everyone involved, and quite a few people have been banned. The majority of the bans are for 6 months, a few have have been banned for 3 days (probably cashwhores). Personally, I've been banned for 2000 years (cuz I'm Jesus rite). Even though the only time I used the command was over 8 months ago. And that was mostly to mess around with a few friends, but no, I'm totally spying on my own faction!

Oh well, I don't actually play ACE anymore, and this just pretty much cements me into never going back.

How many of these:

will happen before you yourselves quit?

Enjoy the new bars on your servers AR! Courtesy of Subagames.
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/whoareyou command in ACE is now /imaspybanme
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