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 trails (pt.2)

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PostSubject: trails (pt.2)   Mon May 24, 2010 10:46 pm

Lightning: pretty much awesome nothing can be added Razz maybe color change options? or combo colors like black and red etc...

Hurricane: I really dig cyan so maybe if hurricane could get turned into cyan color (so pretty much color change options for this one)

Heart/Flower: like an entire string of mini pokeballs? Very Happy

Dragon: Have head of the trail be like the dragon mark from item shop or something like that

________Just requests!!! thank you modders for taking the time to read this/make other mods___________

and what are other peoples feedback too? thanks! Very Happy much love-iBg4y

(If posting 2 diff threads gets me in trouble im sorry i just couldnt fit it in 255 text) <3333
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trails (pt.2)
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